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Our AirBNB was in Sai Yin Pung on Hong Kong Island, on Po Tuck Street near the top of Hill Road. You could follow Hill Road down to the Queen’s Road which runs much of the way around the Kowloon facing districts and makes Central accessible by walk. Our closest metro stop was HKU (Hong Kong University) at the bottom of Hill Road.


This is the entrance door. You saw the building itself in a previous post. The interior hallway and stairway don’t give an air of luxury, the building is likely several decades old and has had several units remodeled with modern styling, appliances and finishes, like ours.


This is a shot looking toward the front door from the closest corner of the kitchen, through the living room. Bathroom is on the right behind the wall. Those are our bath towels drying on a rack below the A/C.


Here is the kitchen essentially turning around in the same spot as the previous picture and looking in. You can see a tiny clothes washer in the corner on the right under the table. No dryer, no dishwasher. The cabinetry is all new, modern and quite nice.


Another angle of the kitchen to show the depth. Bedroom is on the right out of frame.


A wide angle shot of the kitchen counter top. We used the kitchen sink to brush our teeth because the bathroom was so small and there was no place to store a toothbrush that we could see.


This is the bathroom. See the small sink? Full toilet with one flush setting. Large stand up shower with full sliding glass lanes on the left behind the door, including a detachable showerhead. Good water pressure. To get hot water you flip a power switch on the wall outside the door. This seems to be common in both HK and Singapore– turning on a power rocker switch in the wall to use various appliances.


Shower head detail.


Finally, the bedroom. It had its own A/C unit mounted through the window. The bed was a full size Queen. I think it was some kind of tempurpedic or memory foam style. I’d never slept on one before but I really liked it, firm but still soft enough you can fall asleep easily. Like in Taipei and here in Singapore, there were no sheets, just a duvet. I don’t know if this is standard bedding in this part of the world or just easier for the host/cleaning crew to keep clean but I really liked it once again.

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