Our Singapore AirBNB (#travel, #Singapore, #lifestyle)

Our Singapore AirBNB was in a newly developed apartment tower between Shenton and Anson in the CBD. This place is so new that one of the eatery tenants on the sidewalk floor hasn’t finished moving in and opened for business yet.


This is the front door. It uses a metallic key to enter which routinely gets stuck in the lock either because of the humidity or the design. You rotate it several times and then just push the door inward, there is no separate mechanism for clasping the door open or shut. You use a keycard to access the elevator and common space doors in the building.


The living room and dining table from the front door, kitchen on the left.


Wide shot of the kitchen. Two burners. The hood over the burners turns on when you pull it out which is kind of cool. Notice the gloss finish cupboards without handles, Ikea-design style. NK dishwasher. There is a washing machine beneath the microwave which also has a dryer function. This was the first time we cooked in our AirBNB this trip, we had a lot of leftover Korean from the night before as we ordered too much not realizing how big the portions were (MMM, spicy pork and glass noodles!)


The kitchen on the right, front door area to the left, bedroom on right hidden from view, taken from the sofa in the living room.


Bedroom from the bathroom. Door to living room on right. Bit of a mess, were really milking the “living out of a suitcase” ethic. The bedroom has a dedicated wall mounted A/C unit. The bathroom stays a bit warm. The living room and kitchen each have wall mounted A/C.


A shot of the living room/dining room from the bedroom, bathroom to the right off camera.


Toilet with two button flush, sink on the right. The sink had water handles that were basically vertical rectangles, I’ve never seem anything like that before but they worked okay. Large shallow basin sink.


Shower area. It has a built in tiled seat. The door closes fully and almost seems to have a magnetic strip embedded to keep it shut. The shower floor is depressed from the bathroom floor and the water doesn’t seep up and out the door. Instead of a grill drain there is a tile with slots around it to the left of the shower head where water drains which is elegant looking. Oddly, the shower has retractable blinds from which the window makes you visible to both people poolside and the office workers across the way.


Another view of the shower apparatus. Notice there is a “waterfall” shower head in the ceiling as well, very cool!


We didn’t go down to the pool as we didn’t bring our swim gear but this is the shot from the 6th floor elevator area. I’d probably spend a lot of time here given the heat, if I lived here.


This is a shot of the building from Enggor and Anson. The tree lined area is the pool. This seems to be the fashion nowadays for buildings like this, a covered parking structure below with a pool above and the resident tower rises beside it.

We were about two blocks from the Tangor Pagar stop on the East-West line, which was very convenient.


We were also about four blocks from this neat eatery neighborhood nearby.



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