The view from the highest bar in the world (#travel, #HK, #Asia)


We went to Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong which is on top of the ICC in Kowloon, 116th floor. It is the highest bar in the world at over 400m above sea level. It is likely to stay that way for some time as the Muslim countries build taller structures but continue to officially adhere to their teetotaling policies.


It cleared up for a brief moment today which was the first time we saw the sun and blue skies, but it covered back up and continued to be drizzly, foggy, overcast, whatever you want to call the meteorological malaise we faced her in Hong Kong during our brief stay. This was the best the view was going to get, and it is still quite amazing.


Why build a bar so high up? Do the drinks taste better than they do closer to Mother Earth? Is the service better up in the clouds? Is it more exclusive? Does the alcohol but you differently up there? Can one gain a more contemplative perspective from on high?

Not really.

I ordered a Manhattan, which was good but tasted no better than anywhere else I’ve had one. The service was not better, halfway through our time there one of the few waiters present spilled a beer on the seat behind me which splashed onto my backside unceremoniously. He didn’t even apologize until he came back with a couple of stiff cloth napkins and when he finally delivered our drinks to us ten minutes later, he acted as if the incident had never occurred. Not exactly Ritz-Carlton level service!

The bar beat with this incessant mindless techno base the entire time we were there which seemed inappropriate to both the time (530 on a Saturday) and the crowd, who were mostly sloppily dressed recent arrivals and not a youthful, dressy party crowd. As far as exclusivity, they let us up there so it can’t be too out of reach.

That being said, we got to spend some time with the Wolf’s friend from school who lives in HK so that was redeeming. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d be too eager to go back to Ozone if I visited HK again in the future.

Knowing we had an early morning flight, we scrapped a plan to go to a nicer place back in Central and instead found a local noodle bowl place in Kowloon on the Wolf’s friend’s recommendation.


It was tasty, but still didn’t top the beef noodles I had in Taipei by my estimation. The Wolf disagreed.


This was dessert at nearby Kai Kai Dessert. This was the taro dish. Check out this menu:


Didn’t do much for me but the local crowd was very excitedly consuming their bowls of sweet, porridgey goop.

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