A couple awesome meals from Singapore (#travel, #Singapore, #food)


We’ve had a lot of great food here in Singapore on our short stay. But two in particular have stood out.

The above is from Shahi Maharani, “North Indian Cuisine” which was in the 3rd floor of the Raffles City mall. It was BOGO and we were terrified we made a mistake when we saw it was a buffett until we started walking through and looking at the food. I’ve had a decent number of Indian food styles and restaurants so far including food in California and NYC, this was probably one of the better I’ve had. I would’ve stuffed myself but I knew we were going to be walking for hours at the National Museum afterward. It was tempting, though.


This eclectic mix of Malay/Indonesian food was from a halal shop also near City Hall off the Bugis stop. The place was called Hjh Maimunah. I couldn’t repeat the names of all the dishes but there is a potato fritter on the far right, beef rendang next to it, the yellow dish is a curry coconut milk chicken on the bone and the far left is a chili chicken on the bone (which was out favorite and not as spicy as it looks) and then the top is spinach.

We also got a cup of lime juice which tasted like a lime popsicle. While normally that flavor would be sickly sweet and gross me out, this totally worked and was so refreshing in the heat.

Here’s the neighborhood:


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