A few impressions of Hong Kong (#travel, #HK, #Asia)

I haven’t posted much from Hong Kong since we’ve arrived in part because we’ve been on our feet quite a bit throughout the day despite the exceedingly poor weather, and in part because that poor weather has made it difficult to get any kind of images of the area that help to fully capture what it’s like to walk around and take in the sights.


I think this shot captures both the interminable nature of the poor weather and the startling scale of this place. These are two apartment towers rising over a large mall at the base.


This is a highway pass winding through our neighborhood. Our building on Po Tuck Street can be seen in the bottom right corner, blue and white stripes.


Gazing up at the International Financial Center building in the Central neighborhood of Hong Kong Island.


This is a Chinese ingredient shop found on one of the local streets. I liked the color, quantity and variety of the goods offered for sale and the kind of rustic quality of the merchandise amongst this Westernized, modern city.


I found this very narrow apartment building interesting because it still managed to be so tall.


This is looking up the Mid-Levels escalator system in a canyon of tall buildings as far up the hillside as you can see.


I stopped and took this shot walking down Conduit Road back toward our apartment on the other (Eastern) side of the island after reaching the top of the Mid-Levels. So many layers of streets, buildings and flora.


Another shot down the hill from Kotewall Street off Conduit Road. They’re always building here, everywhere you go.


Many of these viney trees are growing out of the sides of retaining walls up and down the cities roadways. It creates an incredible wild, untamed jungle feel in the midst of the concrete, asphalt, steel, tile, glass, etc.


Taking a look out at more of Central and surrounding areas on Hong Kong Island from the IFC Mall.

I fear we may leave this place in a few days without much else to show by way of visuals but I’ll try to write up some thoughts and general impressions at least.

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