A few views of Singapore (#travel, #Singapore)


This is looking Southish and our building, while tall, is hidden somewhere in the background.


I think this is at the corner of Anson and Enggor.


This is an empty undeveloped field (I don’t think it’s a park) near the apartment with what looked like three stray dogs laying about. We were told by a tour guide there are no stray dogs in Singapore. Bullshit. I have also heard there are no homeless people, but despite the welfare state entitlements there are clearly still people who want for care and comforts. Last night when we were walking around to our dinner place a man in his late 60s who was physically handicapped came awkwardly lurching down the street. He had a clutch of chip snack bags hooked to his pants and was hobbling about looking for people to buy them for change. It was very hard to watch. I don’t feel responsible for people like that but I imagine life is extra challenging to live with that kind of pain and disfigurement. I’m impressed he was making a go of it, I’d imagine I’d feel quite sorry for myself in those circumstances.

Singapore may have a lot of things figured out but it isn’t a perfect paradise, despite what you hear from its proud propagandists.

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