All around the world people worship mass murderers (#travel, #politics, #HK)

I spotted this mural of the “great statesman”, DOCTOR Sun Yat-sen, in a neighborhood near Central.


It’s a beautiful but creepy image of the good doctor peering ominously over a humble town scene.

SYS is held in high regard around China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He is remembered for bringing the god Democracy to the Chinese people. The fact that his Three Principles of political philosophy are vapid and incoherent, particularly his unarticulated commie-lite economic visions, doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Many sins can be overlooked when you’re a disciple of democracy, an unquestionably good political paradigm the world around.

From a recent biography of Chiang Kai-shek of “Nationalist” China I read, SYS seemed like a belligerent instigator, a repeated failure and bumbler of political affairs and very likely a Japanese Imperial agent. Besides helping touch off a violent civil war that eventually killed millions in China, I am not sure what is so great about what he did.

But an editorial piece I saw in the local South China Morning Post suggested that it was time this monster be given even more public prestige in recognizing the importance democracy has in Hong Kong political life. The people never tire of lauding their captors.

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