Chinglish Sightings Part I (#travel, #Asia)

If you’re familiar with the website you should be able to enjoy these creative uses of the English language we’ve spotted so far!


I think the time piece in conjunction with the catch phrase is supposed to connote a sense of urgency or chronological propriety to the stated intent on the bottle?


“Bears’s Corrot Field” because everyone knows bears love corrots.


The “Use Me” product line seems exploitative at first. But the “I am Okay” trim is strangely reassuring that no one is going to get taken advantage of after all.


Chinglish is often endearingly positive and overly optimistic. Such great heights of emotion and well being from such a simple stationary item.


I’d like to give credit for the excellent use of rhyme, however, the conflicting geographical references make it difficult to perceive whether this is a focused narrative of related events or a chaotic telling of happenstance with no connection.


Thank God for the global cat gondola system which allows us all to take our allergies with us around the world. Bonus points for the sense of ebonic rap lyrics embedded in this expression.


First Chinglish tautology.


This sounds better than having nightmares from poorly digested food, even if the tastes involved may be varied.


This notebook possibly provides the key to that energetic life you’ve always wanted to live, or at the very least can be handy for recording notes on such keys as you locate them. The designer also drafted the first copy for the original Karate Kid theme song.

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