First impressions of Singapore (#Singapore, #travel, #Asia)

I can understand why Houston oil men feel right at home in this hot, humid commercial and oil town.

Also, the many flowers and the blue green ocean waters on the way in reminded me of Hawaii.

The “Warning Death to Drug Traffickers Under Singapore Law” on the visa card and the patrolling paramilitary police in the airport explains a lot about the political scrutiny of this city with regards to the habits of the people. And oddly, Taiwan was an actual police state from the mid 1940s to late 1970s and I would say that in Taipei the police were least visible and intimidating (I caught local news at a cafe and it was just a series of drunk driver police recaps), Hong Kong they were next most visible and the immigration control was slightly more intimidating and here seeing squaddies with “assault” rifles and body armor and many auxiliary guys walking around with a side arm seems much more like a police state.

We’re in the CBD (again), off Shenton Way, and its totally dead here on Sunday, most businesses, even major chains, are closed. We wandered into a nearby mall and the shops and food court had closed by 4pm.

People are dressed fairly casually and preppy, and it is extremely cosmopolitan- White Westerners, Chinese, Indians, Malay, Indonesian, and there is an even greater variety of cuisines. Seems like the food might be more inexpensive compared to Hong Kong as well. Our Uber was SGD$18 (1.35:1) for a twenty minute ride from the airport. That seemed inexpensive as well.



We tried to do a local tour but we waited at the meeting point for nothing. Most of the tours are run by local college students and it appears they all are taking tests and have cancelled their tours. We lucked out!

The sun is shining for once.

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