Pictures From Buenos Aires (#travel, #BuenosAires, #Argentina)

Somehow we never got to blog anything about the last part of our trip to South America in 2013, which ended in Buenos Aires. Here are some pictures from the visit:


The public buses look like NASCAR-racers.


Residential architecture example.


This was a multi-course steak dinner at one of the finest waterside restaurants in the city near the financial district that cost us about $40/pp (USD) including wine and appetizers. Good exchange rate dynamics!


I remember taking this shot in the “plastic surgery” neighborhood, just as an example of what a nice area feels like on the street. BA has higher-than-average rates of plastic surgery amongst women, much like Seoul, South Kora.


An example of the European-influenced architectural styles prevalent in the city. I was told by a tour guide that building materials from Europe were used as ballast on ships making the transoceanic commute, so in a sense BA has literally transported European materials and style to the city which is why it’s easy to think you’re in Paris or Rome or some other European capital when walking around town.


Equine statute of a martial hero in the park.


I liked the way the trees made a “tunnel” on this street in the Palermo district.


The Capitoline Wolf! In a park in Buenos Aires.


I believe this is the central bank building.


An old church.


More architectural examples.


This was an old school pizzeria we visited, where many BAers like to come for a pizza, a beer and a futbol game on TV.


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