Coffee is good in HK (#travel, #HK, #Asia, #food)

There is no real coffee culture here (only seen Starbucks so far) but the latte I just had with breakfast at Open Door cafe was excellent! As was my big English-style breakfast (the Brits know how to do breakfast).


Hipsterism is a global phenomenon and it ensures good eats everywhere you go.

Here is our building in HK:


And here is something curious about the money. The HKD is pegged to the dollar at about 7.75. There is no central bank, only a “currency board”, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. The small notes appear to be issued by the HKMA, but the larger notes are in fact privately issued bank notes. The bank notes are convertible, on demand, into HKD. Why is this even an option?

I assume, like the “convertibility” of Federal Reserve Notes into US dollars, that this is a terminological vestigial organ. But still, it is curious to see privately issued bank notes in this day and age.